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Cloud Services | Chesapeake, VA

Streamline productivity and store all your data in one secure place.

Computer Troubleshooters Chesapeake wants to change the way you do business. Our cloud services in Chesapeake, VA are making solutions available to small business owners that were once only available to large corporations. These solutions are helping small businesses be more flexible and efficient while saving time and money.

Cloud services bring solutions like hosted email, industry applications and software, virtual servers, and document management to your fingertips. If you are unsure of how your business can take advantage of cloud services, don’t worry! Computer Troubleshooters Chesapeake can help you learn and understand what services you should implement in your business to gain an advantage over your competition.

Cloud services provide a number of benefits to your business and your employees and include..


Cloud services are held to the highest security standards, and are regularly evaluated and audited. You never have to be concerned about whether your private business information is at risk. Do you know where your employees are saving your company’s private information today? You can use the cloud to track all of that data and make sure it is secure.

 Your technology will have the ability to remain agile and quickly align with the direction your business is moving. You are able to easily implement new technology solutions and upgraded software packages to increase employee efficiency and productivity. Technology will no longer hold your business back.

Whether your business takes you and your employees all over the country or just working from home occasionally, cloud services offers your business the ability to securely access what is needed from any device, anywhere while keeping this important information secure.

Data Backup & Recovery Services | Chesapeake, VA

Keep your most valued information safe and recover lost data.

What would you do if you walked into your office and all of your equipment was stolen? What if a bad storm causes a power surge that kills your server? Maybe you or one of your employees deletes an important folder of information? How would you react if your personal hard drive crashed and all of your family photos and personal files were gone? The truth is, your data is at risk every day. Would you be able to retrieve all of your client information or family pictures quickly if one of the many risks that threaten your data does destroy your files? Would you be able to get your business back up and running without your most critical information?

Experts say that 93% of businesses that lose their data for 10 days or more due to a disaster file for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.

Computer Troubleshooters Chesapeake does not want you to become a statistic due to data loss. Every business and home needs to be prepared when it comes to data protection by having an adequate and tested data backup service and recovery solution in place.

We can provide our clients with a variety of data backup services that are customized to fit their specific needs. We begin by reviewing your current solutions and the amount and type of data you have. We then work with you to establish your critical needs and, finally, we review all of the information we have gathered to present our recommendation on the best solution to fit your needs and budget. We will also consider your future goals so we can provide a solution that will be flexible enough to fit your long-term needs.

We can provide a variety of cutting-edge solutions that include:

Let Computer Troubleshooters Chesapeake ensure all of your business and personal information is safe and secure, should a hard drive failure or natural disaster put it in jeopardy. Don’t delay!

Managed IT Business Solutions | Chesapeake, VA

Choose which IT services fit your needs and budget.

Many business owners truly want to reduce the number of technology headaches they incur because they know that they are not getting the most out of their technology investment. They want technology to increase employee productivity, but they never quite figure out how to make it happen. Many lose sleep wondering who is making sure the data is backed up, the antivirus is renewed, and the systems are running at their top potential? They continue to follow the status quo and never truly emerge from their technology rut.

As a business professional, you owe it to yourself to identify what you want to get out of your technology and discuss your goals with a technician that understands you and can offer you solutions that will quickly get you out of this rut. Computer Troubleshooters Chesapeake can offer you the advantage of their managed business solutions offered in the greater Chesapeake area.

With managed business solutions, you are afforded the luxury of proactive management for your computers, laptops, and network with your trusted technology advisor from Computer Troubleshooters Chesapeake, with one managed solution and one monthly fee.

When you make the move to a managed business solution with Computer Troubleshooters, you can forget the days of erratic and unpredictable bills, you will no longer have to try and fix something yourself because you think it will be faster or cheaper, and your employees will no longer be sitting idle if their system or programs are not working properly.

Managed business solutions provide customized technology plans to fit your business and your budget. We work with you to understand your needs today and what your future business goals are, so we can make sure your technology is able to grow with your business.

We can get your technology under control and work for you to help your business grow!

Troubleshooting & Repair | Chesapeake, VA

Diagnose issues and keep your equipment running smoothly.

Computer Troubleshooters Chesapeake knows that you need your devices and networks in working order to support all of your business and personal needs. We are able to accurately diagnose the problem and create a plan to get your technology issues solved the first time.

We will provide a complete assessment regarding any technology issues that you may be encountering in your business or your home. Some of our most common service requests include the following:

Let Computer Troubleshooters Chesapeake ensure all of your business and personal information is safe and secure, should a hard drive failure or natural disaster put it in jeopardy. Apple or PC products, we offer full support! Don’t delay!

Security Services | Chesapeake, VA

Protect your business with strong cybersecurity practices.

Computer Troubleshooters Chesapeake wants to protect your family and your business from malicious online attacks. There are new viruses and internet scams emerging every day that put unsuspecting individuals and their data at risk.

Many of these attacks are disguised in emails, on websites that you may visit, or masked in suspicious links. The most vicious viruses will attempt to access personal or business information, and there are others that are more of a nuisance that install unnecessary toolbars or install a pop-up service.

Whether the virus is harmful or just annoying, it still needs to be handled and removed from your computer. We encourage all of our clients to work with Computer Troubleshooters in Chesapeake, VA to better understand IT security services and how they can proactively educate their families and employees about online safety.

We provide customized solutions to fit the specific needs of your business and home. We are able to implement these products and services seamlessly, and many of our solutions will run automatically in the background so you don’t even notice that we are working hard to keep you safe online.

We provide many IT security services, including:

Computer Troubleshooters Chesapeake knows that you have plenty of other things to worry about, so let us worry about making sure your technology is secure and safe from all potential threats.